Board Meetings

We want to make sure that all the members have access to & can influence how our care co-op is run.

The board meetings are one of the spaces where decisions take place at the moment, it happens every second Thursday of the month, usually online + in the evening.
We also hold action groups when issues/challenges arise and need a prompt discussion/resolution. At the moment, our staff team, board members, advisors, guest speakers and other co-operators take part in those meeting.

We’re working on making the board meetings open spaces so that all members can raise issues, queries, questions and/or take part in the meetings.

It’s not always possible for people to join the meeting – having access to notes, papers and discussions that happen in this space will help open up communication between the team/s that organise the meetings/sessions/discussion spaces and our members & local community.

Get in touch via if you have any questions connected to how this works for you & if you would like to know more.

You can access the Board meeting minutes & papers below.
When you click download, a zipped folder will save to your computer, if you‘re not sure how open the folder you can get some guidance here for a device with Windows or here if you work on a Mac.

Meeting notes from 2022 are hosted here.

The minutes from previous years are available on request. We do what we can to include all the relevant papers in the bundles, the minutes might still refer to papers/communication channels that are no included – do get in touch if you would like any clarification/update.