We’re a democratic membership organisation. If you use our services, if you work for us, or want to support our work, then we want you as a member.

When we first launched in 2019, our members were the initial founding group, and the people and organisations that came together to invest and provide the start-up capital that we needed to get the operation off the ground. Now our membership is open to anyone who falls into one of the following groups:

  • The people who use our services, and their family.
  • The people who work for Cooperative Care Colne Valley – delivering our care services.
  • Individuals and organisations in and around our community who want to support our work.

Applying for membership is really straightforward:

If you or a family member uses our services, apply to join here:

If you work for us, apply here:

And if you want to support our work you can join here, either as an individual or as an organisation.

We recognise that membership isn’t for everyone. If you would like to support our work, but don’t want to become a member you can contribute in other ways. Click the button below to make a donation.

Got something else in mind? Can you help to raise awareness about us? Got an idea for a partnership or project? Let us know.

If you have questions about our organisation, would like to know more about our membership (for individuals as well as organisations) or for anything else, get in touch via the contact form on the website. We’ll get back to you.

For now – you can explore investor member survey from April 2022, read through our staff consultation feedback from February 2022 or even browse through the whole learning page with a lot of learning & resources – for examples, there is a webinar recording where we share how we got set up.