Colne Valley Equitable Care Society Ltd (t/a Co-operative Care, Colne Valley – CCCV) is a multi-stakeholder co-operative established to provide both high-quality domiciliary care for older and disabled people in the Colne Valley, and fair and proper terms and conditions of employment for care staff.

Physical, mental health and wellbeing will be given utmost priority to both recipients and deliverers of care services.  A key aspect of the project will be to tackle social isolation through community volunteering and family involvement. We will also actively develop links with individuals and other community organisations that can support recipients of the service.

Our model is built upon the principle that ‘small is beautiful’, with a projected client base of around 100 recipients of the service.  It is designed to serve a specific local community in an environmentally sustainable matter with local members having full control.  As and when client numbers exceed this target the service will be replicated rather than expanded to ensure the integrity of the model is retained.

Our financial modelling to date has convinced us that it is entirely possible to deliver a high quality, person-centred care service delivered by trained, valued and fairly paid care staff ethically and sustainably, for the benefit of the whole community.

Co-operative Care Colne Valley will be different from other care providers. We are:

  • Local – we understand that ‘small is beautiful’ and will focus on the needs of the people of our Colne Valley community
  • Not-for profit – any surplus will be ploughed back to ensure members receiving care are treated as an individual and staff members receive decent pay and conditions, the best training and genuine opportunities for professional development
  • Community focussed – our whole-person approach will mobilise the power of community through our innovative Co-operative Care Store. Volunteers will work with professional staff to offer a completely personalised care package
  • Democratic – members to have a voice in how the Co-op is run
  • Ethical – we are committed to environmentally sustainable working and delivering equal care, dignity and respect for all our members and
  • Ambitious to grow – we are already receiving many expressions of interest in our innovative community co-op approach and will work closely with sister care co-ops throughout Kirklees and the UK to develop a better system of care beyond the Colne Valley

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Colne Valley Equitable Care Society Limited is a Community Benefit Society. Registered with the FCA under no. 8137