Community Services

Here in Colne Valley, CCCV have developed an innovative model of social care that goes beyond simply meeting peoples basic care needs.

We recognise the importance for you and / or the people you care about of:

  • Living life to the full
  • Keeping connected and happy
  • Accessing activities and opportunities to keep involved in the community

Part of our approach is to integrate community support into all our care packages, and this will start by placing the individual at the centre of a person-led assessment where their strengths, needs and aspirations will identify not only the most appropriate home care package but equally important, the type of activities they would like to be involved in; for example, luncheon clubs, help to go shopping, exercise classes, befriending etc. We believe that if people are happy in their homes and enjoy active lives it will improve their physical and mental health and prevent them from needing higher levels of services later in life.

We have a vibrant network of local volunteers and groups and we want to harness the amazing generosity shown by people during the Covid-19 crisis. We recognise that our local residents know what is best for their community.

We enjoy excellent relationship with local groups and have been working with community organisations to map the range of activities and volunteering in Colne Valley which local people can join. We are also through our anchor work identifying opportunities to develop new projects to keep people socially connected and both physical and mentally healthy.

We are recruiting volunteers to enable us to provide an additional range of support from chatting on the phone, to sharing hobbies and befriending etc and appreciate the important contribution volunteers can make to enhance the service provided for you or the people you care for.