Social Support Service

About the service 

As we become more used to and reliant on the efficiencies and benefits of digital transactions, online shopping, online relationships and social media, we spend less and less time in direct contact with others.  Families check in with each other less frequently as children move away from home to find work or study and the financial pressures of everyday life mean some people are working longer and more unsociable hours which can result in them having less time to socialise with family and friends.  Unfortunately, this lack of personal and sociable interactions can lead to low mood or anxiety and in some cases an over reliance on unhealthy lifestyle choices. 

For the most vulnerable and isolated members of our communities however, continued isolation can soon lead to low mood and depression, which in turn can impact further on an individuals’ physical well-being.  Often reduced mobility, a lack of interest in maintaining a healthy diet & lifestyle and a reduced sense of psychological well-being can soon become a vicious cycle of greater isolation and poor health, sometimes leading to more high-level interventions being required. 

At CCCV we want to make a positive difference to people’s lives by helping them to re-engage with the communities they are a part of.  We work with individuals and groups to help re-establish their networks as well as creating opportunities for people to take part in community activities or long forgotten hobbies and passions.   

Whether being isolated is due to poor mobility and a lack of suitable transport or as a result of not having a travel companion, we will work with our members to find the best solution for them by helping them to re-establish a sense of belonging in their community. 

What is on offer 


  • Support to attend social events including transport arrangements 
  • Plus 1 arrangements 
  • Maintaining existing friendships 
  • Befriending 
  • Social outings 
  • Holiday support 
  • Sitting service 
  • Assessing health and wellbeing service 
  • Gym visits 
  • Support to volunteer 

Appointments and meetings 

  • Organising transport 
  • Health care appointments 
  • Alternative health appointments 
  • Support  
  • Escort / support 
  • Attending religious and cultural events 

Bereavement support 

  • Assisting with the formal arrangements following the death of a loved one 
  • Arranging a funeral of a loved one 
  • Attending a funeral 
  • Visiting grave/crematory – General maintenance  

General support 

  • Pension collection 
  • Meter reading 
  • Paying bills 
  • Reporting issues to landlords 
  • Setting up and changing utility suppliers 
  • Budgeting 
  • Dealing with complaints 
  • Calendar management – Commitments, Birthdays, special events etc. 

Our commitment to you 

  • Your Staff Members will have completed a robust recruitment and selection process, provided references, and completed a DBS check (The DBS enables us to make safer recruitment decisions by identifying candidates who may be unsuitable for certain work, especially involving children or vulnerable adults, and provides wider access to criminal record information) before they will be matched up with you. 
  • Your Staff Members will have received comprehensive training including Movement and Handling and will been signed off as competent by a Manager before they will be able to support you with your requirements. 
  • Our support staff will not be given any access to your personal banking details. 
  • For supported outings and trips we will aim to match you with your preferred member of our team 
  • We will always strive to support local businesses and wherever possible we will support you to do the same.