We believe that people who need care in the Colne Valley deserve the best quality care and support that enables them to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

We will:

  • Treat the people we care for (our ‘User Members’) as valued individuals and strive to provide them with the best quality care possible
  • Involve the people we care for and their families in making decisions about their care
  • As a co-operative, ensure that all members have a real stake and a real say in how the service is run
  • Work to ensure older people remain active members of the community through our innovative volunteer scheme
  • Ensure our staff are highly trained, motivated and that their conditions of employment are significantly better than those generally offered in this sector
  • Ensure that as well as rewarding, valuing and supporting staff members properly with favourable working terms and conditions, the co-operative structure and small team model will provide opportunities to contribute to decision making and for career progression.

User Members: we refer to the people we work directly with and support as ‘User Members’, to reflect our co-operative structure. You will see this term on this page and elsewhere on this website.

How we assess how best we work with you / a User Member

Once a potential User Member meets with us and chooses to engage our services, we provide an extensive assessment of needs, risk assessments, explore likes and dislikes, relevant history, and what the User Member really wants to gain from having the service.

An individually tailored and flexible care plan centred around the desired outcome for the User Member is then formulated, agreed, and commenced.  

The service is reviewed with the User Member whenever changes are required and at least every six months. 


Consultation with User Members about the service delivered by CCCV occurs in the following ways.  

At an individual level User Members can comment through involvement in their personal care planning, meetings, and the review process.  They can also comment to Staff Members, families/friends, and other professionals at any time regarding the service being delivered. 

We ask our User Members for honest feedback periodically – we will conduct a survey of our service and publish the outcome, benchmarking ourselves with other services to ensure forward thinking, learning and best practice and ways of working on improving our provision. 

The CCCV Board will guarantee a place on the Board for at least one User Member who will be elected in accordance with the organisation’s rules.  It is anticipated that this person will broadly represent the interests and views of the User Member Group.