Personal Care Support Service

About the Service 

As your or a loved one’s health deteriorates, you / they may need assistance to carry out more personal types of tasks such as assistance to wash and dress or take medication. Needing personal care in your own home can be a very worrying and unsettling time. 

It is likely that you or a loved one will need reassurance about a number things such as making decision and choices, as well as more practical questions about the experience and ability of the staff and the affordability of the care. 

At CCCV we aim to provide care in the home that is personalised and dignified and promotes as much independence as the individual is capable of.  Our care packages of care are tailored to the needs of the individual as much as is possible.  In addition to any care plans that may already exist, we will work with the individual and anyone else involved in their support and care and develop a plan of care and approach that takes into account, the level of need, personal preferences and the involvement of others.  

CCCV is registered with the Care Quality Commission and all our regulated services are designed and delivered with you or your loved one’s preferred lifestyle, choices and wishes in mind.  

What is on offer: 

  • Assistance to maintain personal hygiene and grooming regimes 
  • Assistance to take any prescribed medication including the application of creams and lotions 
  • Assisting with mobility in and around the home and outside space
  • Assisting with meal preparation and eating  
  • Helping manage continence needs 
  • Helping to support the management of low-level health care tasks 
  • Provide emotional support for conditions such as depression, anxiety or loneliness   
  • using a commode or bed pan 

Our commitment to you 

  • We will always try to match you with your preferred member of the team; 
  • We will only use your email address and telephone number to contact you about your call;
  • Your Staff Members will have completed a robust recruitment and selection process, provided references and completed a DBS check (The DBS enables us to make safer recruitment decisions by identifying candidates who may be unsuitable for certain work, especially involving children or vulnerable adults, and provides wider access to criminal record information) before they will be matched up with a User member; 
  • Your Staff Members will have received comprehensive training including Moving and Handing people, Medication and Food safety and will be signed off as competent by a Manager before they will be able to support you with your care.