The Sharing Care initiative and our latest webinar

We held our April ‘Sharing Care’ webinar recently and realised we hadn’t spoken so much about what that initiative is, here on the website.

So below is some background for you, if you would like to know, more please do get in touch with Veronika, our Sharing Care Coordinator. This post is a modified version of a longer post that we shared over on the Co-Operative Councils’ Innovation Network site.

Our vision for Sharing Care

Making great care available and possible in other parts of the country – to replicate and federate – has been part of our vision since the very beginning. With generous support from Power to Change, we are able to share the learning from our journey with others who might be interested in setting up a care co-operative in their local community.

That is how the Sharing Care project has come about and we have been busy since we started:

  • We have been working on bringing together people who are part of co-operative and care worlds to share the learning, experiences and knowledge that is already out there!
  • We have drafted a toolkit for those who are considering setting up a care co-op and we’re looking forward to making it better with help from others.
  • We’re exploring a couple of research pieces, reviving and pulling together some previous learning and working towards a good practice quality mark/framework of ‘Fair Care’.

Sharing Care webinars

We are also running webinars – some sessions with really insightful speakers have already happened and you can watch them on our Sharing Care learning website or via our YouTube channel.

The webinar recording can be found on our YouTube channel within the Sharing Care playlist:

Interested in Sharing Care?

We can only make positive change for social care happen if we work together and care and share, so please do talk to Veronika to continue the conversation:

Veronika Susedkova
Sharing Care Coordinator
Contact Veronika here: