Making memories for our home care user members in the Colne Valley

We like to do extra special things when we can for our lovely home care user members here in the Colne Valley that will brighten their day. Here is one example.

At the end of September Charlene – one of our great care team – went to see Mark Williams at a snooker event.

Charlene let user Member John know this through conversation at a day visit and he expressed how much he loved Mark Williams. Charlene then went on to purchase a photograph and get it signed for John which he was over the moon with.

It’s the little things that matter and this goes to show how important it is to get to know the people who we are supporting, by talking, listening and sharing stories. Going the extra mile to obtain the signed photo made John feel valued and considered and still able to enjoy a part of life that he used to.

Working at Co-operative Care Colne Valley allows our care staff to have the time to spend with our User Members to build those relationships that are so vital in contributing to a person’s wellbeing, self-worth, recovery and so forth.

A huge thank you to Charlene for this beautiful gesture and many thanks to John for allowing us to share his photo and experience!

John proudly displaying the signed photo from Mark Williams.