Ideas to help with the cost of living

We are aware of just how the cost of living increases are impacting our user members and our wider Colne Valley community. In the spirit of support, we have some ideas below that may help those we support and provide home care to, alongside their wider families and friends. 

Sources of  guides and support:

There are some great sources of advice now available around navigating the cost of living crisis, here are a few that we believe are very useful.

Citizens Advice: A resource page that covers benefits, government as well as local council support where applicable. Whilst not ‘money-saving tips’ as such, this is a very useful signposting page to look at. 

Quaker Social Action: The website has a great set of signposted resources covering all aspects of saving money and budget advice: 

Which? have provided a cost-of-living crisis resource hub with lots of individual links / signposting across these areas: 

Specific ideas to help with the cost of living:


  • Try to not have your heating on before October or after March
  • Use a smart meter
  • Turn the thermostat down by 1 degree: this could save £80 per household per year [Which report].


  • Use food waste apps -Too good to go Olio OLIO – The #1 Free Sharing App (– helps with environmental issues
  • Attend food waste projects in your local area – also helps with environmental issues.
  • Batch cook then freeze the leftovers.
  • Cook using a microwave (8p per day), air fryer (14p per day) and slow cooker (16p per day) – lower running costs versus Electric cooker – 87per day, Gas cooker – 33p per day [source: Utilia].
  • Don’t overfill your kettle, boil what you need – saves £19 per year [source: Which report].
  • Cover pans with a lid – food cooks quicker (could save £72 per year- source: Utilia)
Image depicting a hone care services user member at home in the colne valley

Power and Lighting

  • Use a heated airer – 13.7p per hour as opposed to a tumble dryer at 37.5p per hour
  • Don’t keep electrical goods on standby or phones on charge longer than a full battery. Both waste electricity (saves on average £55 per household per year. [source: Which report].
  • Negotiate with providers of your utility bills or use comparison sites to try and get a better deal
  • LED lights in the home can use 90% less electricity and last 10 years [source: Which report].
  • A 4 min shower time limit can save £45 per year. [source:]
  • Clothes washed on 30-degree cycle can save £28 per year [ source: Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert]

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