Home care services in the Colne Valley – 1 year on.

To celebrate our first year of supporting user members with home care services in the Colne Valley, we made a short film showing ‘behind the scenes’ in our ever-busy office.

Danielle, our brilliant Registered Manager, tells us what the first year has achieved, for both the organisation and the community around us.

Here is a transcript of the short film we made, below.

“Following on from our one year anniversary, our organisation growth has been meeting all of our expectations. We have developed and grown, not only our care and support team members, but also our User Members and the office team and we’ve even had new additions to our board.

It’s important to us to support individuals based on their needs, and we’ve loved to see positive rehabilitation outcomes where people have regained their independence. But we do also have a passion for supporting people through to the final moments of their lives.

We’ve seen it all this year, and we are so thankful for having a cooperative organisation to spread our wings, and develop a person-centered, caring, and effective service, with the cooperative values and the support from the community.”

Danielle, Registered Manager