Our Colne Valley home care volunteers

In this post we want to highlight the vital role of our Colne Valley home care volunteers.

It is a known fact that the more we give, the happier we feel. Volunteering allows you to connect to your local community and make it a better place – it can also expand your network and boost your social skills.

Here at Co-Operative Colne Valley Care, our volunteering programme is a vital part of the services we offer and we could not provide our home care and community services without the help and dedication of our kind volunteers.

Below are a few words from one of our volunteers, Stella Cawood, on why she became involved with CCCV:

“I was a teacher at Colne Valley High School for over 30 years in a range of roles. When I retired, I worked for the National Union of Teachers in Kirklees.

I became aware of the quality of home care when my Mum decided she needed some support to manage at home on her own in Bolton. Initially, this was generally well delivered and flexible but deteriorated as local authorities came under increasing financial pressure. Both she and the carers became less happy with the service.

When I heard that CCCV was being planned to operate in a different way, I was keen to find out more. I liked what I heard and decided to become a stakeholder and to apply to be a volunteer. My experience with my Mum had shown how difficult she found it to mix as she became less mobile, & she loved to meet people.

The volunteer application process was straightforward & professionally carried out. I now look forward to chatting to clients, helping them attend appointments, both essential and social and maybe trips to a local cafe or park if that’s what they’d like to do.

As we get older, I think most of us would like to stay in contact with our community. That’s what I’d like to support”.

Interested in being a volunteer?

If you would like to find out more information about our volunteering programme, or register your interest, please get in touch via our website www.valleycare.coop . We would love to hear from you, and see how we can work together to offer a difference within the Colne Valley.