Mobility Mindful campaign

We wanted to share a recent Facebook post from one of user members and an all-around inspiring person, Alice Barker.

Alice has set up the Mobility Mindful campaign in Meltham and she joined us last week at our community outreach stall at Morrisons Meltham to support us and to promote the campaign.

Alice wrote:

“It was my absolute honour and pleasure to support my care company, Co-operative Care Colne Valley, last week down at Morrisons Meltham – and promote the Mobility Mindful campaign at the same time! … Together, we can work to make sure that an exemplary standard of care and access is available to all disabled people.”

Alice Barker

And we have to say it’s an absolute honour for us to support Alice and now to shout about her campaign. Please have a look!

Alice at Morrisons Meltham, promoting her campaign