Members & community

You’ve come to the right place to see & explore what is means to be a member of our care co-op!

This is a very of start of our journey to connecting better with our members and our local community.
We’re working on creating more open lines of communications so that everyone connected to us or interested in being of our journey knows who to go to…

If you have questions about our co-op, would like to know more about our membership (for individuals as well as organisations) or for anything else, get in touch via the contact form on the website. We’ll get back to you.

Board Meetings
Have a look + read through what has been happening at the board meetings.
It’s a first step to making sure all our members are aware of how, where, when the important topics & issues are discussed and so that you can all get in touch with queries, questions, suggestions or even join us for some of the meetings to be part of the shaping of the future of our care co-op.

At the moment the vast majority of our members are those of you who were part of our share offer back in 2019 – altogether we have over 120 investor members. We’re very close to formally offering membership to our staff team, people we support in the community and wider supporters.
We have been working as a multistakeholder co-op even though the formal membership processes are yet to be completed.

Watch this space for more updates!

For now – you can explore investor member survey from April 2022, read through our staff consultation feedback from February 2022 or even browse through the whole learning page with a lot of learning & resources – for examples, there is a webinar recording where we share how we got set up.