Launching the Pledge stage of our Community Share Offer

We are now at the stage of asking potential community investors to help us launch our exciting new care co-operative, firmly based on proven principles of fairness, sustainability and community benefits.

Everyone (you!) can do that by pledging support.

Why do we need pledges? Well, like any business, our co-op needs startup capital to get up and running. And pledging allows us to gauge support so that our Board can take a responsible decision in the current uncertain climate to ascertain whether there is strong enough interest in the community to launch our share offer.

We have started this stage with an introduction to both Co-operative Care Colne Valley and the specific share offer from Richard Murgatroyd, our Chair. Richard covered a number of points in this film, below. He was sat, appropriately enough, in the midst of the Colne Valley.

As an initial update, we have already received a number of pledges and are well underway but your support is vital, please do pledge today.

And this film features Sue Richards, our Nominated Individual, talking about why our model is needed and the difference it will make.