Pledge today to invest in Ethical Co-operative Care

The Covid-19 crisis has confirmed that our current system of Social Care is broken. Alongside that, it has also revealed the best side of human nature here in the Colne Valley and throughout the world. Hundreds of people have instinctively risen to the challenge, got organised in Mutual Aid groups and acted as good neighbours to vulnerable people.

Co-operative Care Colne Valley has also played its part, acting as a Covid-19 Anchor Institution for the Colne Valley, working with local people and community groups to get food aid, prescriptions and friendship support out to those in need.

The crisis in care is not over. Many people are rightly concerned that we need to learn the lessons and create a better world.

Co-operative Care Colne Valley was set up by local people to do just that. With your support we will ensure:

  • People and families receiving care get more than their basic needs met and can live life to its full potential.
  • Care staff are treated with the respect they deserve.
  • Families and carers are properly supported
  • The positive community energy unleashed by this crisis continues to grow and help the most vulnerable in our community

We can only do this with your help. That’s why we are asking potential community investors to now help us launch our exciting new care co-operative, firmly based on proven principles of fairness, sustainability and community benefits.

Like any business, our co-op needs startup capital to get up and running. That’s why we are asking people now to pledge to support our Community Share Offer.

Co-operation is all about people helping each other and sharing the benefits:

  • Helping to do something real, here and now, about the crisis of social care in our community
  • Helping our local economy to be more resilient
  • Membership of the co-op, so that you can have a say in how it operates
  • After the co-op has been properly established, interest paid on your investment at 2.5% and the option to take out your invested capital thereafter

Let’s work together to build a better care system. Please pledge to invest.

We have been working hard, development staff are already in place and Co-operative Care Colne Valley is ready to launch the service in late-Summer 2020. Your pledge will help us get there.

If you are not ready to pledge, please join our mailing list to receive the detailed share offer documents as soon as they are published, and keep up to date with our progress.

And to find out a bit more about our approach and vision, have a look at our About Us page.

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