CCCV Anchor Institution awarded One Community grant to fund vital Covid-19 support

Covid-19 isn’t just affecting physical health. Many people are currently experiencing serious social and economic problems and need support. As the responsible Anchor Institution for the Colne Valley CCCV has successfully applied for Emergency funding from One Community to provide food, toiletries and other supplies to Mutual Aid Groups locally.

Our co-operative approach is all about working with communities, not telling them what we think is best. So, we’ve been consulting with local Mutual Aid and community groups to find out what they would like to see this Emergency Fund spent on.

We would welcome any suggestions or ideas so feel free to please get in touch.

If you are an individual who feels they could do with some support or a local group seeking help please contact Glyn Barker, CCCV Anchor Co-ordinator, email: ; phone 01484 970837