How are Staff Members trained?

Following recruitment our Staff Members attend a ten-day Induction Training programme at our Slaithwaite Office before they start working for us. The topics covered include Moving and Handling; Health and Safety; Handling Medication, Infection Control, Safeguarding Adults, Dementia, Dignity, Emergency Life Support, Food Hygiene, Fire Safety, Deprivation or liberty, Mental capacity and Best interest and GDPR etc.

All new Staff Members shadow existing CCCV Staff Members on day-to-day work within homes and have to be assessed as competent by managers before commencing work in a solo capacity. 

Twice annually, all Staff Members undergo a training and development review and are encouraged to study further. 

We believe that our carers represent our greatest asset. By providing opportunities and facilities for training CCCV aims to ensure that Staff Members are in possession of the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to perform their job to the highest standard. To this end, we are committed to functioning as providers of an induction programme for new Staff Members which meets the standards set out by the National Minimum Standards.